We Digitize VHS Videotapes

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New Life For Your Old Videotapes

We use a combination of professional vintage equipment and cutting edge computer technology to capture your home movies from VHS videotapes and convert them to digital files. Each conversion includes a digital copy of your original tape that we store online for 365 days.

You get a link to your digital copy, so you can watch, download, or share your video. Prefer a physical copy? We will create a DVD or put your video on a USB drive for an additional fee.

  • Digital copy of your videotape
  • USB drive or DVD available
  • Original item returned

Preserve Your Memories

The quality of your VHS videotapes is already degrading. The memories held on your tapes will continue to naturally degrade over time, as much as 20% in as many years, resulting in poor video quality and increased likelihood of breaking the tape.

Every playthrough compromises the magnetisation of the tape, resulting in further damage to the medium and the footage it contains. If you recorded a child’s birth, that birth video had significantly degraded by the time you filmed their high school graduation, and it will continue to degrade until it no longer works.

Technical Specifications

You get a digital file that has been recorded at its native resolution and encoded as an MP4.

  • h.264 encoded MP4
  • De-interlaced

Need your file in a different format? Just ask! We are happy to accommodate.

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