VHS-C To Digital Conversion

Fast and affordable VHS-C to digital conversion

About the VHS-C Format

VHS-C was developed by JVC and released to consumers in 1982. It’s based on the VHS format and plays in VCRs using an adapter. Most tapes hold 30 to 60 minutes of content.

Share Your Memories

Your memories deserve to be shared and preserved. The quality of your VHS-C tapes is degrading as time goes by, losing quality that cannot be recovered. But, you can stop the degradation by converting them to digital videos.

Digital files maintain their quality and make it easy to share with friends and family.

VHS-C Tape Repair

We fix broken videotapes for no additional charge when you choose us to digitize your videotape.

Affordable Pricing And Risk-Free Service

We convert VHS-C videotapes to digital files that will last a lifetime at just $30 per videotape. Each conversion includes a digital copy. Prefer a physical copy? We can put your video on DVD or USB drives for an additional fee.

There are no setup fees, no minimum purchases, and no charge for blank tapes or tapes that cannot be digitized.

  • Just $30 per videotape
  • Digital download included
  • No charge for blank tapes

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