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An introduction to Betamax

Betamax was developed by Sony and released in 1975. It was intended as a consumer product meant to compete with VHS.

Betamax lost the competition. Players and recorders were discontinued in 2002 and blank Betamax tapes were discontinued in 2016. Despite being discontinued relatively recently, Betamax players are hard to come by and most people have never seen Betamax tapes in person.

Unlock the memories on your Betamax

Still have a stack of Betamax tapes sitting around? Or maybe just one or two? We convert Betamax videotapes into digital files that are easy to watch, download, and share.

By digitizing your Betamax tapes, your prevent the further degradation of quality which is already taking place. The longer you wait to digitize your tapes, the greater the risk of losing the moments that matter.

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